Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling


Horizontal drilling

  • RP-Bentonite designed to be used in HDD to give high gel slurry with adequate marsh funnel viscosity to enhance cuttings removal and suspension; also it builds up a thin low-permeable filter cake to control fluid loss and prevent ground water intrusion.
  • Our products offer an excellent behavior in almost all types of excavated soil such as unconsolidated sand, gravel, limestone and reactive clay which requires a special treatment to improve borehole stability, prevent collapsing and reduce friction and torque during drilling.
  • RP-Bentonite is quickly mixed, build up instant gel, resists water contamination, easy to recycle and environmentally safe.

Pipe Jacking

  • RP-Bentonite injected between pipe and soil in order to reduce the friction by surrounding the pipes with slurry which is thick enough to create fluid friction across the complete length to avoid the soil touching the pipe.
  • The limited penetration of RP-bentonite slurry in the surrounding is suitable for economic, environmental and stability reasons.
  • RP-Bentonite slurry stabilizes the annular gap by preventing the surrounding soil from collapsing and reduces friction between ground and jacked pipe.


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